An Insight into the Results of the Green Peel Treatment

The green peel treatment is popular for its ability to treat the skin of multiple problems without the use of harmful chemicals. Here’s more about what you can expect from the green herbal peel treatment.

The Green Peel treatment is a popular alternate to chemical peeling with chemical substances known to harm the skin eventually. The Green Herbal peel uses eight natural herbs containing, minerals, enzymes, and vitamins that are beneficial for the skin in treating ageing signs, acne scars, large pores, fine lines; more so all skin problems.

Developed almost 60 years ago, it is still popular with the masses for its amazing results. However, unlike popular misconception, what is green is not always safe and perfect. So, before taking an appointment at the spa, it is advisable to know everything about the Green Herbal peel.

Green Herbal Peel treatment

Choosing the Correct Green Peel

Green peel is classified into Green Peel Fresh Up, Green Peel Energy, and Green Peel Classic, the fresh up being the mildest and classic being aggressive. Each one serves a different purpose and the choice should be made according to the goals and expectations from the treatment.

Ideally, a thorough consultation by a trained aesthetician is done to determine which treatment matches the unique goals and skin concerns of the client. The aesthetician cleanses and tones the skin to analyze the skin and understand the skin’s tolerance and reactivity.

Process of Green Peel

The procedure begins with preparing the skin for the treatment. A gel purifier and toner are used. The herbal mixture, better known as the peel is massaged into the skin with gentle, tactful movements. It feels like sand being scrubbed on the face. This step promotes blood circulation, ensures percolation of nutritious herbs into the skin and exfoliation of dirt and dust particles. The treatment is completed by placing a Green Peel concentrate cloth to enable the skin to absorb the ingredients. After removing the cloth, a rich peel cream, sunscreen, and blemish balm are applied.

What to expect after the treatment

Considering the mildness of the fresh up and energy peel, the skin does not flake post treatment. Conversely, the aggressive classic peel often results in flaking of skin for three to four days.

No matter the type of green peel treatment, it is completed after five days with a beauty finish treatment that hydrates the skin and eliminates the remaining dead skin cells. The desired results can be seen only after the final step.

The Green Herbal Peel treatment is known to treat most skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, acne scars, etc. However, it is not recommended for clients with skin allergic or sensitive to any of the herbal products, have psoriasis or eczema, and for pregnant and nursing women. In fact, Glycolic acids and Retin-A also make the skin sensitive. So, the use of these products must be stopped at least one month before the appointment for green peel treatment.

For best results, the treatment should be done five times, once in every two weeks. Annual maintenance is also required afterwards. It is essential to use the after-care products given at the spa, without which clients fail to experience the desired results.

The Green Herbal Peel treatment is an in-office treatment that can be done at a spa by experts trained in this treatment. Finding a reputed spa is essential to get the best results from the Green Herbal Peel.

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